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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shrek, No More

Like it is said 'All Good Things Must Come To An End!', Shrek & Gang will also not be seen again.

In the fourth edition Shrek tells Fiona, his beautiful ogress wife, that he understood what he had only after losing it. Holds true for the franchise, too. Principle of diminishing marginal utility derived would have applied and continuously eroded the liking.

One good friend told me that she was quite disappointed by the movie. But for me the brand pull was huge. And I certainly came out of the theatre very happy and holistically entertained.

Actually, the problem with many sequels is that they aren't managed well. But Shrek goes through the life cycle quite graciously. While the first was a love story, the second was about test of relationship and the third about moving to the next level in that relationship (read parenting). The fourth is extension of responsibilities. The resultant mine over I; monotony caused by the daily chores of life. Shrek desires for a break, petty much like the way I dream of a sabbatical.

Ah, there it goes. My wife and that friend rightly captured it. I, probably, was relating to the movie as I, like Shrek, was experiencing mid-life crisis.

Shrek, too, desires in the movie to go back to his old life. When he was carefree and didn't have to bother about anything or anyone. Where life moved at a pace that he set. The movie is about what Shrek does to do reverse his timeline. It is his (mis)adventure, thereafter. As all the previous editions, it has loads of fun and twists. But, of course, the movie ends with the reinforcement of love in life. Shrek 4 is about letting go and adapting to the 'new' change.

Yes, it may not be necessarily a children's movie.  They may not be able to decipher it and analyze it as much as I have done. But it has all the fun to keep them occupied. For adults, it is a must watch.

There is a different incarnation of all the important characters in the movie. Most importantly, Puss in Boots! I loved the scene where Puss begs Donkey to lend its tongue.

Don't miss it! And keep an open mind.