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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dhoom 3: No Boom

After watching the movie, I had a lively debate with my sister-in-law. Five minutes into the movie, I was squirming in my seat unable to take the mindless and childish action scenes, far-too-many songs and amateurish performances. Though towards the end, movie does get a bit interesting. My sister-in-law on the other hand enjoyed the movie, thoroughly.

Our discussions led to many interesting points. She said that while we appreciate such stunts and gizmos in a James Bond movie or any other western flick, why can't we accept it in an Indian movie? Valid point.

Secondly, I was probably disappointed with Aamir Khan doing a masala movie. Having seen him make intelligent and sensible movies, it feels odd to watch Aamir in a different shade. But then I think that is a wrong way to look at it. As an actor, I am sure Aamir also wants to do as many different roles as possible. As a fan, it is not our right to say what type of movie an actor should act in.

Finally, maybe I didn't like the movie because it was a masala movie. It has all elements - comedy, emotions, action, romance, humour and, of course, very little logic. Maybe that is the issue. Maybe I have grown out of these formula movies. Nothing wrong with the genre though. Going by the amounts such movies are raking, there does seem to be a big market for it.

Bottomline: Dhoom 3 is a B-grade movie with A grade stars and a very big budget. It is an expensive "imitation" of couple of English movies.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kutty Puli, Periya Tala Valee

Periya Tala Valee means big head ache. Well that is what I got after watching this movie.

One expects Sasikumar movies to be neat entertainers which have a good mix of everything for a viewer - action, emotion, comedy, and most importantly a message.

Unfortunately, with everything in this movie the final dish served was completely burnt. Maybe the masala wasn't made properly and wasn't effective. If you have seen Sundarapandian, then maybe you have seen 25% of the movie.

The mother sentiment was too much forced making Kutty Puli very salty.

Felt bit disappointed.