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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pizza, good toppings and cheesy

We don't get to see many Tamil movies of this genre. The movie is about a pizza delivery boy and his girl friend. During one of his delivery routines, the boy ends up at a home where strange occurrences take place. Supernatural occurrences!

Though he manages to escape from that house, he finds that his girl friend has vanished without a trace. His boss and colleagues try to help him. In the process, they find some mysteries about him.

The movie scares you, intrigues and entertains. There are many twists in the movie till the very end. Pizza a movie has many toppings (psychological thriller, ghost and crime) and is spicy, but on a thin crust. Nice watch, you will feel entertained.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

High and Low! Realistic

Every movie of Akira Kurosawa that I have watched seem to be different. But one thing that is common to all is that I have loved each one of them.

High and Low, released in 1963, is a movie about the fight between the mind and heart, if I can say so. Of course, it also happens to be a thriller.

The movie is about Kingo Gondo played by Toshirô Mifune. He heads the factories at National Shoes. He raises money by mortgaging his every asset to take over National Shoes. Just on the day that he is to finalize the deal, a telephone call wrecks his future. The caller informs him that he has kidnapped his son and demands a ransom of 30 million Yen. Fortunately, it is soon discovered that it's only the chauffeur's son who is kidnapped due to mistaken identity. An immediate sigh of relief leads to a profound dilemma. The forces within him battle. One, lobbies with him to pursue his dream of owning the company that he works at. The other, with emotional pressure from wife and chauffeur, nags him to be a good human being and save the kid.

After having decided to be a good human, sacrifice his dreams and risk his fortunes, Gondo decides to save the kid.

The movie, thereafter, is about the police investigation leading to nabbing the kidnapper. This part of the movie, as it is in other parts, very realistic and detailed. I was, often in between, reminded to Indian movies or for that matter Hollywood movies. The investigation was team work with no larger than life characters.

The movie is about details which kept me engaged. Must watch!