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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Luck By Chance: Shades of Grey

Javed Akhtar must be a really proud father. Farhan-Zoya Akhtar, the twins, are probably the most talented Directors in Bollywood today. Farhan, of course, excels in acting department with his subtle underplays, too.

I loved watching Luck By Chance and advice people who love intelligent films not to miss it.

The movie revolves largely around Farhan Akhtar and Konkana Sen. While Farhan who has just passed out of an acting school is aspiring to make it big, Konkana is an actor whose stars are fading. But believe me, the movie does justice to every character in the film. Be it Rishi Kapoor who acts as a hassled producer or Hrithik, a super star, or Dimple Kapadia, an ex-star and mother. The film is complete.

Every character's life is interconnected with others in some way or the other. It is also pretty realistic in the sense that every character has shades of grey. Especially, the way Farhan makes his moves. In one scene you may hate a particular character, but in another scene you realize that it was fine and empathize.

While the movie is set in the film industry, it could easily be in any industry. Though it is close to reality, it wasn't a bit nauseating which is often the trademark of Madhur Bhandarkar.

Hoping to see from Zoya.