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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bobby Jasoos, Elementary!

In my opinion, Vidya Balan is the most talented actress in the Bollywood, today. To me, she is a bit like Kamal Hassan. She has done a variety of roles in the last few releases and I have some expectations of her films.

As far this film is concerned, she has managed to give a commendable performance, yet again. She is cast as an Hyderabadi Muslim girl whose ambition is to become a famous jasoos (detective). In this pursuit, she faces many a difficulties. She is rejected by a leading detective firm; her own father disapproves off her ambitions.

But as luck favors the prepared, she gets her break when a man hires her to search for few people in her locality. The movie is about how she uses innovative methods to accomplish the tasks; discoveries she makes in this process about herself and her family. The methods she employs bordering on histrionics provides comic relief in otherwise an ordinary movie!

The movie isn't bad. It is nice to watch but nothing exceptional. I felt a bit disappointed. Probably because of the expectations that had built up. Don't expect too much and you might end up liking.

It's just rudimentary entertainer!