Sunday, July 25, 2010

Casting, Ouch!

Oceans' Eleven was released about 9 years back. I loved the movie. I envied and idolised George Clooney at the same time. I had instantly fallen in love with him when I had, earlier, watched One Fine Day. He has such an infectious charm and smile, it is hard not to like him.

I read reviews of the movie thereafter. Many of the reviews wondered why Julia Roberts was wasted in the movie. True, it struck me thereafter that she had very little role in the movie.

Later, I discussed this point with Swaran Kumar, an award winning copy writer with whom I worked for a very short period in an ad agency. Swaran was nurturing dreams of directing a movie himself that time. And I really loved the way he explained the importance of casting. He said that any other actor with less star value would have never fitted into the role. Though the role was short with very little to do, no other star could have justified the character who is the object of George Clooney's desire.

Wow, so true!

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