Monday, December 30, 2013

Ivan Vera Mathiri, Etho Mathiri

As there were good reviews and ads publishing an appreciation letter by Superstar Rajinikanth, I decided to watch the movie.

The movie is set in the background of violence instigated by a politician in the law college which results in the death of a student. There is a huge out pour amongst the public. The hero decides to teach a lesson and kidnaps the minister's brother who is out on parole upon surety provided by the minister.

This results in the minister losing his position. Hero releases the brother thereafter. Now, minister's brother seeks a revenge and kidnaps the heroine. The rest of the story is hero's efforts to rescue his fiancé.

I am not sure if the movie is indeed as good as it is claimed in the promotions, though the way the story has been handled is bit different. For one, the hero isn't portrayed as someone who seeks to clean up the society of bad elements. He is inspired to teach the minister a lesson only for one particular incident. Despite knowing that minister's brother is a killer, he doesn't take the law into his own hands. He just kidnaps him and releases him when his objective is met.

But that's that. Bit different. Many elements seem to be force fit and half hearted attempts to satisfy movie goers.

Fantastic? I am not sure. But maybe it is bit vera mathiri (different) in some ways.

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sakthi vel said...

man !! the title "edho madhiri" ROLF